Welcome to The Leaf Collaborative.

The Leaf Collaborative is a brand new partnership for New England Grass Roots Institute!

This Fall  join us as we become

Grass Roots Institute ~ Grass Roots Grow ~ Grass Roots Medicinals

We have an announcement to make! We are growing, expanding and moving!

This Fall 2018 we are moving into our brand new home in Brookline Village!

We will be open for enrollment in November 2018 for classes starting in December 2018 in our beautiful new home which will house three new businesses!

The Brand New Grass Roots Institute Class schedule is coming very soon and will be posted here! 

If you would be like to be updated with our events and class dates please send us your email address to

Join us on this adventure!

The Secure Shopping Cart Enrollment Link is at the bottom of this page. FALL 2018 enrollment will open soon on this page.

New England Grass Roots Institute provides quality cannabis education in the form of one day classes, 4 and 8 week programs, live demonstrations, educational panels, workshops & patient support groups.

~ Our current schedule of events & classes for FALL 2018 at New England Grass Roots Institute will be posted soon. As will our new classroom location.

As soon as our new location is ready we will open our enrollment and online shopping cart for the SPRING 2018 Semester of the Amazing 8 Week Semester.



The Amazing 8 Week Semester is New England’s longest running cannabis education program, running back to back programs, classes, support groups and more for our students since 2012. The Amazing 8 Week semester meets once a week for eight weeks of classroom lecture, guest speakers and live demonstrations and we cover and extensive array of cannabis topics.

Amazing 8 Week Topics include the following and so much more:

  • Cannabis Political History
  • Medicinal Cannabis Science
  • Indoor Grow/Outdoor Grow
  • Methods of Extraction
  • Methods of Ingestion
  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Harm Reduction Methods
  • Sensible Cannabis Use
  • Patient/Caregiver Relations
  • Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Law



Our students are diverse and come from all areas of our community and enroll to our classes from all over the east coast.

Our students are all of us that make up our community. The Amazing 8 Week Semester is where you come to have the most fun you ever had in a classroom setting, with a very knowledgeable and diverse group of people that you are about to bring into your life. Most people come to this class looking for one thing and by the end find a new passion that they didn’t know they had. Many students decide they are home and stay with us in our journey of education, community support, holistic health and fun.

They are future business leaders, industry employees and innovators. They are informed patients, caregivers, cultivators and chefs..

We have students in most if not all New England area dispensaries, from well educated and caring front end bud tenders to research and development in the kitchen lab to owner/investors.

Our students are patients, caregivers, advocates and family members looking for more information on cannabis as a medicine to aid in their own families well being.

Our students are young, old, and everywhere in between. They are all of us.

Together we make up a vibrant community of people looking to know more, be more, do more in the world of holistic health and cannabis as a medicine.



New England Grass Roots  Institute Contact Information ~


office phone: 617-471-4200

Follow our social media for daily updates on class schedules too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


For two years running we have been recognized for quality community education!

We are so proud to win the BEST IN QUINCY 2016 in the category of Education!

That’s our second year winning Best in Quincy 2015 Education & Best in Quincy 2016 Education!

Thank you Quincy for supporting quality cannabis education!

We have a revolving schedule of many one day classes!

All of our One Day classes will be back up soon for our March/April/May schedule



We offer a revolving & ever evolving schedule of one day classes covering Cooking with Cannabis, Tincture Making, Grow Best Practices, Grow Room Design, Cannabis Genetics, Cloning, Production & important grow techniques, grow clinics and alternating Medical Cannabis topics.

Our Cooking with Cannabis class updates every class to include new delicious cannabis infused recipes to fit the season and we always cover the steps to making your own medicine safely and in the most delicious way for you or your patient.

Our Amazing 8 Week Semester covers a wide range of ever evolving, cutting edge cannabis patient education and has an “open door policy”.

We are sincere in our commitment to continuing community cannabis education and when you enroll to the Amazing 8 Week Semester you are always welcome back to retake a favorite class or see a class you missed. We take email reservations from our Alumni to sit on classes.


 Classes will be online and enrolling for SPRING 2018 SOON!12112279_1126927067336853_4610116646870941694_n11012027_575288949280999_7810404597026660162_o12189074_1143350145694545_5730800482047363596_n

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