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Our classes are for your personal and holistic health enrichment.

At the Leaf Collaborative, we are a group of dedicated, experienced, caring individuals, wanting to share the latest in scientific cannabis research, reaching as many people as we can. Research shows there are incredible possibilities in the medical science of cannabis as a medicine. We want to present classes in a very basic way so everyone, patients and caregivers alike can understand and learn from the latest research, resources and advocacy groups.

We are medicinal cannabis activists committed to cannabis education and a future of legal and safe access for patients.

 Whether you seek to become a more educated patient, caregiver, educated consumer or natural health advocate, The Leaf Collaborative can help you learn more to achieve your goals, while supporting you in a community of like minded people.

At the Leaf Collaborative we are dedicated to providing professional, affordable education for those interested in the healing and science of Medical Cannabis.

We provide basic medicinal cannabis education as well as advanced classes.


Q. How long have you been operating?

A. New England Grass Roots Institute is New England’s first cannabis learning center, established 2012 and in 2018 we became the Leaf Collaborative our umbrella organization over Grass Roots Institute,  Grass Roots Grow and Grow Roots Medicinals.

Q. Where are you located?
A.  New Boston location coming soon, next Amazing 8 Week Semester is in 30 Newbury Street Boston Ma starting this December 8th for an 8 Week weekly class.

Q. What is your email?

A. info@grassroot420.com

Q. What classes do you offer?
A.  We offer a great variety of classes and are adding new classes all the time, check our website http://grassroot420.com/classes for current courses!

-Amazing 8 week semester-Class Fee: $800; Class Schedule: Sat 10am to 12:45pm and comes with a certificate of completion

– Basic and Advanced Grow- Schedule & Instructor TBA

– Day Courses (Electives) TBA

Revolving Topics Include:
*Grow Room Design
*Cooking with Cannabis
*Master Tincture Making
*Genetics and Production
*Clone & Hash Making

Q. What do your graduates say about their educational experience?

Q. Do you have a calendar of events?
A. Yes, Click here: http://grassroot420.com/calendar/

Q. Awards?

A. New England Grass Roots Institute was voted BEST IN QUINCY 2015 in the category of Education and we were just notified of winning again, BEST IN QUINCY 2016!

We are proud and humbled to deliver quality education to our community. We salute Quincy for supporting quality medical marijuana cannabis education.

Q. Will completing the course guarantee me job placement?
A. We have graduates working everywhere in New England!
New England Grass Roots Education has set many of our students up for success in the cannabis industry. There is no such thing as a “guaranteed job”, however we teach you to be your own best advocate and that has led our students to pursue various careers in the cannabis industry from journalism, creating their own business or working in a dispensary from Maine to Seattle and everywhere in between.

Being well educated in a network of like minded people sets the path for success. Our network is growing and we want to share it.

Q. Are you accredited?

We are not currently accredited but we are working on it and within the next year we hope to be. Please check website/social media for updates as they occur.

Even though we are not yet accredited, in the last three years our graduates have had success in all aspects of the cannabis industry. Our successful graduate students get access to our network of like minded people, activists, nationwide entrepreneurs, small businesses and cannabis industry professionals. 
We are a serious cannabis community learning center and we act as a cannabis industry incubator. We want to connect people to education and resources. Possibly the person you have been waiting to partner with in your cannabis dream is already in our classroom now searching for you!

Many of our students go on to pursue careers in the cannabis industry. Our graduates are prepared for success with high quality education, so when they leave our courses they are ready to take on the challenges on the cannabis industry with ease.

Q. Do you have parking and MBTA train access.
A. Yes.

Q. How many graduates have come through the school?
A. We have had over 1000 graduates come through our doors in just 3 short years. Please see our Reviews here on Facebook and our Testimonials online at http://grassroot420.com/testimonials/

Q. Do you have Veteran Discounts?
A. Yes, 10 % discount. Contact us to enroll and we can apply your veteran’s discount upon enrollment.

Q. Do you do any community outreach?
A. Yes! We are our community and we like to participate!
We have held a non stop food drive for Father Bills shelter in Quincy for 3 years now, please use us as a drop off center, we do fund raisers, free educational classes every Open House and free educational panels to the public and much more! New England Grass Roots Institute is focused on being a strong part of the community and we always want to help!

Media- Featured in:
*Boston Herald
*Boston Globe
*Cape Cod Times
*Various Cannabis Magazines
*Patriot Ledger
*Associated Press
*Boston Business Journal
*Radio Ads WBOS 92.9 & HOT 96.9

Featured in a documentary created at Emerson College reporting on our mission.

New England Grass Roots Institute: The Silver Lining https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TByLI4H3V8

*First Cannabis Education Center in New England
*First Cannabis Radio Ads in Greater Boston Media
*First educational cannabis program just for women
*First area Cannabis Cancer Patient Support Group
*First New England area fundraiser for legal support in a Federal cannabis trial

Mike Fitzgerald- Co founder/President New England Grass Roots Institute, Created mission and curriculum for purposes of public medical cannabis education, Medical Marijuana Defense witness in Mass, Expert in Cannabis Cultivation, life long political activist.

Melissa Fitzgerald-
Cannabis Activist, worked in Northern CA as a cannabis professional to medical patients in multiple professional, legal dispensaries, Caregiver for decades, Entrepreneur, Small Business owner, Co Founder/Director of New England Grass Roots Institute. est. 2012.

Mike Whittaker- Instructor, Masters in Criminal Justice from Curry College and Former Police Cadet.

Dr. Jack Richman- Instructor, Expert in cannabinoid pharmacology.




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