Amazing 8 Week Semester starts May 28th

WE ARE HEADING BACK TO CLASS! 11015474_10153061263411142_2702212703169708892_n

Its an exciting time at New England Grass Roots Institute.

We are New England’s first cannabis education center established in 2012. We have graduated well over 1,000 students from our programs in the last few years and we have alumni working at every level of the New England Cannabis industry. Networking power counts and we have it.

The Amazing 8 Week semester is the longest running multiple part cannabis seminar in New England. We are the educational partners to the New England Cannabis Convention, providing educational seminars, and live demonstrations to their New England Cannabis Conventions all over New England.

We were recently named BEST IN QUINCY 2015 and we just found out again in 2016 in the category of EDUCATION.

We are back with the Amazing 8 Week semester this summer! We have a brand new location! We have plenty of free, safe parking. We are on the MBTA bus line on the Main street of our HOMETOWN of Randolph MA and we are EXCITED and PROUD to bring quality cannabis education to this semester! Additional programs and One day classes are about to be added to our schedule!

We are back for our 2016 Summer Semester starting on May 28th, Class meets on Saturday 10am to 1pm. This Program is $600.00 for an 8 week semester meeting once a week for 3 hours. We are New England’s first cannabis education center established 2012. We are passionate educators who stand by our students.

We are enrolling for class now here:

The Amazing 8 Week Semester covers quite a bit of ground, we start with cannabis history, move through the current cannabis political, business & legal environment, cannabis medical science, the basics of grow, cooking with cannabis & extractions: butter, oil, tinctures, Patient Caregiver relations and so much more. This class results in a Certificate upon completion and students are placed into our database accordingly for references in the industry.

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Here are just a few of our highlights: We have graduated over 1000 students and we have alumni working in each and every dispensary in Massachusetts, the head of Research and Development in one of Rhode Island’s largest dispensary was trained through our programs, many of our students are working professionally in Maine and starting their businesses. We have written multiple Dispensary applications and currently provide staff recommendations and consultation to open AND MANY PENDING DISPENSARIES IN MASS. Many prospective & current dispensary owners have taken this class and often the students in class have no idea that this may be the JOB INTERVIEW!

Follow us here and on here at  See you in class! Melissa Fitzgerald Co Founder/Director

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