Building Support Groups

8377913_sNew England Grass Roots Institute initially formed a monthly patient support group for our friends in need of information and support.  The need was immediately overwhelming, so many stories that could have been different, only for the archaic medical marihuana laws.
This is a patient group for people who truly need a group support environment, more information and access to a network of patients with similar experiences.
In the course of our day we meet many very sick people who are scared, need more information than they are getting through regular channels or are overwhelmed by helping a family member.
Through our time here at school, we have developed a very strong network of like minded people, who have been down the road of serious illness, have medical experience, experience in the medical system or are involved daily with helping a sick family member.
We want to enhance the wellness and the emotional well being of our community.
The first step is giving people a free place to come for patient support.
The next step is opening our ears and listening to what people really need on this journey.



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