New England Grass Roots Institute Christmas Party

New England Grass Roots Institute is so proud to host a Christmas Party geared to benefit a range of patients suffering from ALS to Uterine Cancer to Brain Tumor.
Located at New England Grass Roots Institute Hai Lau Plaza 937 North Main Street Randolph Ma 02368

2pm to 8pm ~ Sunday December 4th ~ Everyone is welcome !

It is our honor and pleasure to host an annual community party geared at raising the funds needed to support patients out of pocket who need help now.

Every year we ask various Cannabis Community Vendors come together to help us create raffle gift baskets for raffles.

Its a win/ win and all proceeds go to funding the patients in our universe who need all of us.

We want to thank all our vendors and patrons as our raffles come rolling in and anyone donating to this worthy cause gets plenty of rare commercial coverage from us along with our heartfelt thank you!

We are beyond excited to have OVER THE BRIDGE as our house band for this party!! PLease go check them out, have a listen, give them a like!
Video link:

MR. & MRS. SANTA will be there!!!
We like our parties to have something for everyone and we are always excited when Mr & Mrs Santa come to Town!! Get a fantastic Christmas Picture !!

This year its catered and Vietnamese! We are bringing all the vendors of our new mall into our family and they are COOKING!!!!
Look for some fantastic good stuff to eat! WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING? That’s all good too! But PLEASE any food that goes on a public table at New England Grass Roots Institute is non medicated so we can all enjoy!! Looking for something different? This is probably your year!! See you in the BACK ROOM!!!

RAFFLES ~ Every year the community comes together with some pretty incredible patient raffles and we have seen some great gear high value gear go out our doors!

We are grateful for all raffle prizes and donations and this year we look forward to a a long awaited collaboration between New England Grass Roots Institute and Pot Pockets!!

Pot Pockets is throwing a dozen Pot Pockets into the Raffle AND New England Grass Roots FINALLY gets it’s own Pot Pocket available this season !!!
Check Pot Pockets out at:

Kushley will be at our Christmas party! Can you ever have enough KUSHLEY?? No you can not!!

We Love our Grow Gear!
Look for our friends from Buxton Hollow Farm! check them out at

1000 WATT MAGAZINE swag in our raffle! Check them out at:

LOW STRESS TRAINER ~ In our raffle!! Check them out at:

Student donated prizes!!

Gorgeous stained glass hanging dragon from Holly Crosby ~

Hand Made Silver Jewelry designed by Larry Brigolli ~

Sterling Silver Jewelry donated by Every Bead Of My Heart ~

So much more to come!


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