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    Welcome to New England Grass Roots Institute

    Medical Cannabis and Holistic Learning Center

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    Our Classes are for Personal Enrichment Only!

    Become a More Informed Patient, Activist & Caregiver!

    Learn the MA & N.E. Area MMJ Laws & Sensible Cannabis Use


We’ve trained hundreds of folks interested in what Cannabis is and can be used for now that Massachusetts has approved medical marijuana.

Building Support Groups

This is a patient group for people who truly need a group support environment, more information and access to a network of patients with similar experiences.

Building Community

One of the most important things we are doing is building community. We must build it ourselves and we are!

What’s The Buzz?


Proud Member of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

At New England Grass Roots Institute, we are a group of dedicated, experienced, caring individuals, wanting to share the latest in scientific cannabis research, reaching as many people as we can. We present classes in a very basic way so everyone, patients and caregivers alike can understand and learn from the latest research, resources and […]

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Let States Decide on Marijuana – NY Times

Now that Massachusetts has it’s own medical marijuana law, we are starting to learn how to work within this new system for our own wellbeing. People in other states are working on their own laws. In the New York Times… “In 1970, at the height of his white-hot war on crime, President Richard Nixon demanded […]

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