The Portland Maine New England Cannabis Convention is this October 14 & 15

Come join us this Fall as we present quality cannabis education all over New England! #Fall2017

New England Grass Roots Institute will be doing multiple live seminars showcasing quality cannabis education in Portland Maine & Providence Rhode Island at  the New England Cannabis Conventions this Fall!

The New England Cannabis Conventions is the region’s largest business and education and event for the Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, and Hemp Industries and New England Grass Roots will be on hand all day of each show this Fall 2017 showcasing cannabis educational 45 minute seminars.

Once again, New England Grass Roots Institute is the proud Educational Programming Partner to the New England Cannabis Convention in Portland Maine on Oct 14 & 15 as well as the Rhode Island Cannabis Convention on Oct 28 & 29. Please come join us for quality education and more on what we do.

Our team of world class cannabis industry instructors and Amazing 8 Week Semester program alumni/ graduates will be on hand in our Booth answering questions and on stage live for 3 hours of programming covering a full range of cutting edge programs building in information across the afternoon.

Our 40 minute each cannabis convention seminars will be covering:

  •  New Growers Works Shop: Creating an Indoor Work Space with Joe Dalton
  • New England Grass Roots Institute/Cannabis Convention seminar description: Creating an Indoor Grow SpaceThings to consider when setting up an Indoor Grow Room
    • Hydro versus Soil
    • Space
    • Rooms versus Tents
    • Prepping your walls
    • Preparing Ventilation
    • Heating & Cooling
    • Climate Management
    • Choosing & Hanging Lights
    • Electricity
    • Racks, Tables, Screens
    • Plants & Spacing
  • Healing Secrets of Cannabis for Cancer, Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, Opioids & more with Joe Dalton
  • In this 40 minute Seminar we will discuss the many health and healing benefits of the Cannabis plant.
    • The human body and the endocannabinoid system
    • Cannabis as medication
    • Whole plant use of Cannabis and The Entourage Effect
    • Use of different strains allows for optimal benefits
    • Finding the correct dosage and levels of THC and CBD
    • Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis
    • Hemp CBD versus Cannabis CBD
    • Q & A
  • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Strategies for Saving your Own Ass (in advance) with Mark Goldberg.
  • Seminar Description:  Win by not losing.  This discussion will look at the ways to establish and operate your commercial cannabusiness within a pro-regulatory framework.  We will examine why well-defined rules and limits are to your benefit, and how making smart choices now may ultimately help keep federal intervention at bay
  • please visit for show dates, seminar times, and tickets for each convention

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