Topicals & Salves ~ May 6


Topicals and Salves with Kathy Furze-Spencer of Spencer Muscular Therapy.

Date: Sunday May 6, 2018

Time: 12pm to 2pm

Class Location: We are Co-Located with the Victory Grille 233 Elm St Dedham MA 02026. Please come in and join us there.

Class Cost: $50.00

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Topicals and Salves with Kathy Furze-Spencer of Spencer Muscular Therapy.

Sunday May 6, 2018;   12pm to 2pm

Of the many methods to use cannabis, topical application is one of the safest ways to experience the benefits of this extraordinary plant. The distinctive euphoria or high associated with other methods of ingestion such as inhaling or through edibles is not experienced when applying cannabis infused topicals. It is a genuinely efficient way to receive the beneficial cannabinoids that our body requires for healing and homeostasis.

Topical cannabis application has become an increasingly popular option for those who wish to reap the assets without the psychoactive affect. CB1 and CB2 receptors are found in the skin, hair follicles, sweat glands and nerve bundles making topicals the perfect medium for treatment of many conditions including but certainly not limited to; pain, inflammation, burns, bacterial and fungal skin conditions, and improvement of skin elasticity.

In this two hour class we will cover:

·         Why the skin is perfect for receiving cannabinoids through topical application

·         What conditions and issues we can treat using topicals

·         Where to begin when making your own salves and lotions – you’ve got the root, now choosing the medium you wish to infuse

·         Oils, butters and waxes

·         Choosing essential oils to compliment your product

·         Recommended equipment and supplies you will need to get started

Resources for locating materials will be provided. This class is packed with information. Bring a notebook, your questions, an open mind and an open heart.

New England Grass Roots Institute is so very proud to present Kathy Furze-Spencer of Spencer Muscular Therapy and we are excited to incorporate her knowledge and passion with our own.

Kathy has been providing therapeutic massage, muscular therapy, ear coning, energy work, facial cupping and Bach Flower essences for health, well-being and maintenance at her business Spencer Muscular Therapy since 2001.

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