Tammy W

My experience with N.E.G.R.I was very educational. I went in as mildly knowledgeable and came out feeling much more confident and way more knowledgeable. The Basic 8 week session covers everything from history, basic grow, MA laws for patients and caregivers, and my favorite, cooking.

I am now able to talk to others with a more complete and educated way of why I chose to use the medicine I do…I always knew my reasons but now I know WHY it works for me. More importantly, I am able to share this knowledge with other people.

I can’t begin to express my love of the people that you will meet in class – a diverse group of ages and backgrounds that are all around amazing groups of people coming together in a judgment free zone to LEARN and help themselves and/or other people. Lastly, Melissa and Mike (and the amazing guest speakers) have a simple goal with a bigger picture in mind – spreading awareness – and they are open, honest, and purely great big hearted people who genuinely care. I have nothing but love for them.

– T.W.

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