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Gwen F.

Being a NEGRI student was the best thing I ever did for myself. The atmosphere is very inviting and exciting. We are taught everything from the history and cultivation of cannabis to making holistic medicine and infused edibles. The education is endless.

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Jordan Morgan

The Basic 8 week semester covers many cannabis related topics but the curriculum always circles back to what’s most important-the injured and sick. The interesting classes, taught by approachable and welcoming instructors, coupled with the opportunity to learn alongside other students who are as passionate about helping others as I am made this course an awesome experience.

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Gerry Canty

I first met Mike & Melissa from New England Grass Roots Institute back in Sept. ‘2013 I had attended an open house to learn more about the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Being disabled and collecting disability money is tight, but both Mike & Melissa made it possible for me to attend the basic 8 week grow class. Now I am 49yrs old, been smoking since I was 12, but I soon learned I knew very little of something I have been taking for granted for years. I learned about different ways of consumption, and the best ways for medicinal use. Being a person who has suffered major trauma from a car accident, and also leukemia a few years later I was really looking for a healthier, no dangerous after effects alternative that all the doctors were prescribing me, and through this class I not only found that,but some caring people who have no problem putting themselves out too help people, and educate them to a better, and healthier lifestyle then the pharmacy gave me. I say 4☆☆☆☆

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Rob B

NEGRI makes Cannabis education fun in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, cant wait until the next class!!! So happy to have the knowledge to be involved in the medical Cannabis community!!!

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