Mike Fitzgerald, Co Founder/CEO of New England Grass Roots Institute is holding a standing, peaceful protest at Tufts Medical Center on Washington Street in Boston this week December 14th to the 24th, afternoons, on behalf of our friends Aaron Matthew and Jessica Abbott Montville’s daughter Nora Skye Montville.

Our goal is to end Medical Marijuana Discrimination. Every patient has a right to know that the state of Massachusetts has a medical marijuana program and that it is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

What we see everyday three years into the MA MMJ program is that the people who may benefit the most from this public health program often never hear about it. Our own patients now ask us why and how this can be that a terminal patient in MA still can’t get this information in his doctors office or health center or to be made to feel so uncomfortable as to fear asking their specialist or doctor for fear of recrimination?

Both  Aaron and Nora are patients at Tufts Medical Center, both are also Mike’s patients and students. They are both looking for the answer as to why their doctors won’t discuss the possible/potential benefits of cannabis or at the very least to advise patients that they could possibly benefit; that there is a medical marijuana program here in Massachusetts.

Our goal is to make Massachusetts MMJ program information more accessible to patients seeking all options. By creating a basic flyer of information and linking it here to resources and information for patients.

Did you realize most patients, including terminal ones still don’t know there are other options and that their doctors, for many reasons, will not bring this topic up unless asked?

We absolutely understand the professional medical restrictions at play here legally, contractually and federally, however, we can no longer accept this as an excuse for a doctor to have this conversation with one patient and actually say  “KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!” to one of his patients but not another.

So if you don’t know to ask, well then, the chances are great it’s not your doctor who will ever bring it up, even if he has heard multiple anecdotal success stories in his own practice. Let’s not forget this is a legal state run mmj program administrated by the Department of Public Health. It’s a state run health program that your doctor won’t discuss. Yes we know why, but it’s not ok anymore, not when your patients are also our patients and you know full well they are benefiting. We know you know.

Aaron wants to know why he has been a brain cancer patient for 27 years now yet he never ever knew there was a medical marijuana program in mass? The program helping to save his life now. Making more progress than his doctors lately. People have a basic right to know they have options.
Doctors should not be able to negate this program. Aaron’s doctors last advice? THC will kill you, please reconsider. Well 5 weeks later his tumors have shrunk significantly. We don’t know all the answers. We are looking for access for patients to basic MMJ program information in hospitals and health care centers.12376179_630347703775123_1678388936239063623_n12189074_1143350145694545_5730800482047363596_n11960068_1108013225894904_200057261763674705_n11924249_1108009582561935_7727490404540102634_n

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