We welcome you to the Leaf Collaborative!

We have an announcement to make! We are growing, expanding and moving!

We are moving to our brand new home in Brookline Village and we will be open for enrollment in November 2018 for classes starting in December 2018 in our beautiful new home which will house three new businesses! Join us on this adventure!

We welcome you to
the Leaf Collaborative!

New England Grass Roots Institute is growing!
We are proud to announce a brand new partnership and the formation of the Leaf Collaborative.
The Leaf Collaborative is our new parent company and under this umbrella we are a wellness center focused on:
Grass Roots Institute
Grass Roots Grow
Grass Roots Medicinals
The Leaf Collaborative is the culmination of a long journey to our dream of a true wellness center, combining education, support groups, holistic health, our own CBD American Grown line of products for people and their pets, botanical oils and the grow gear you need to start this journey.
A true place to learn, grow and heal.


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