Women’s Cultivation & Natural Caregiving Seminar 10/4

We are very excited to offer a 6 week program that focuses on empowering women as natural caregivers, natural gardeners, & natural CEO’s.

New England Grass Roots Institute, New England’s First Cannabis Learning Center is announcing enrollment for the upcoming Fall 2015 seminar,
“Women’s Cultivation and Natural Caregiving seminar”.

This seminar first began running in January 2015, proudly focusing on female empowerment and education in the cannabis industry.

Proudly ~ By Women, For Women, About Women ~

This class is By Women:
Class materials have been developed by professional women in the cannabis industry with decades of cannabis knowledge, established professional cannabis resumes, proven background and work track.

This class is For Women:
This class is for females seeking to know more about a male dominated industry that is currently being taken over by professional women in every single capacity.

This class is About Women:
We are very excited to offer a program that focuses on empowering women as natural caregivers, natural gardeners, & natural CEO’s.

This seminar has been expanded with two more classes,

from 4 weeks to 6 weeks class time, by student request.

Women’s Cultivation and Natural Caregiving Seminar starts Oct 4, 2015 ~

meets once a week for 6 weeks on Sundays, 1pm to 4pm ~ Class cost is $400.00

Featuring a wide range of cannabis topics such as:
* Basics of Cannabis Cultivation
* Organic Grow
* Women in Cannabis history & business
* Holistic Health
* Nutrition
* Endocannabinoid Science
* Cooking with Cannabis
* Learn about dispensaries coming to Massachusetts and what to expect
* Learn the important differences in concentrated cannabis oil, hemp oil, cbd oil. What it is? What does it mean?
* Learn how to make and safely dose butter, oil, tinctures and topicals.
* Industry business panel and discussion of current industry environment

Cannabis Business Panel Featuring our guest:
Professional Dispensary Chef, Christine Reed
discussing the cannabis business environment and preparing edibles as medicine as a professional cannabis chef.

Ellen Brown, Cannabis Activist for over a decade, Air Combat Command, Nutritional Medicine Airmen of the year 2008, Former Dispensary manager/cultivator of Nature’s Nexus in Northern CA (2010 -12), Instructor at New England Grass Roots Institute, Co Developed 1st female grow seminar, Radio Show Host, Cannabis panelist at multiple New England Cannabis Convention area shows, Cannabis Commentator

Melissa Fitzgerald, Cannabis Activist of 35 + years, worked in Northern CA as a professional vendor and grower to medical patients in multiple professional, legal dispensaries, Caregiver for decades, Entrepreneur, Small Business owner, Co Founder/Director of New England Grass Roots Institute. est. 2012. Summa Cum Laude Business Graduate, Business Concentration 2004 Class Valedictorian for the College of Management at the University of MA.
Managed Professional Healthcare concentration in Medical Provider Contracting. A decade experience in managed health care programs and Federal Medicare Drug programs.



We want to give people the tools to help themselves, their families & patients, understand cannabis history, science & industry best practices. We offer a very friendly, nurturing & empowering environment to learn in. Come see why our students never really leave New England Grass Roots Institute!

Start Oct 4, Sunday 1pm to 4pm ~ meets 6 Sundays in a row covering cannabis cultivation starting at the basics, Women in Cannabis History & Business, Featuring a women’s business panel: learn more about roles in the emerging cannabis industry from people who have done them, Learn cannabis safety & the law, extraction methods for Butter, Oil, Tinctures & Topicals, Learn about Nutrition & Holistic Healing and so much  more!

Women in Cannabis History & Cannabusiness today ~ learning more about women’s roles in cannabis history, as well as learning more about female empowerment in the emerging cannabis industry

Holistic Health ~ Endocannabinoid science, Nutrition, Hemp, women are natural caregivers to their family and we can give you a great foundation as a caregiver with multiple skill sets

Cultivation ~ Stages of cannabis plant growth, Organic gardening, Nutrients, Cloning workshop, Mother plants and getting production from your grow

Extraction & Cooking ~ learn to make cannabis butter, oils, tinctures & topical salves safely, learn how to correctly dose medicine, cannabis industry best practices, the MMJ laws & cooking with cannabis and so much more!

Click on the CLASSES link on the homepage for more available class or call us at 617-471-4200 with any questions.

1456 Hancock Street

Quincy Ma 02169

We are one block down from the REDLINE MBTA TRAIN

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